It’s an evolving world. P&O is no different.

Our team at Sudbury P&O Design is always looking for ways to deliver better outcomes. If technology advancements are the answer, we are on board.

Here are a few examples of technologies that could be used for your custom prosthesis or orthosis:

Structured light technology for 3D scanning shape captures

Advanced composite structural fabrication

Microprocessor controlled prosthetics

3D printing


Pattern recognition socket technology


Microprocessor-controlled knees for above knee amputees can make a world of difference for stability, fluid dynamics and confidence while using your prosthesis.

Stance Control KAFOs

These types of long leg braces have evolved over the last 20 years to allow previous users of locked knee KAFO’s that have isolated quadriceps weakness to free up the knee during swing and simplify toe clearance.

3D Printing

By collaborating with other facilities, we are able to employ a complete digital workflow in the creation of your custom orthosis device. It begins with a 3D scan of your limb and when complete can result in custom 3D printed orthosis.


Using the EMG signals from your muscles, the processor in the upper extremity prosthesis able to open and close the terminal device or create other movements required for day to day tasks. This technology is always changing, and we are able to offer all of the newest advancements in this area.


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