On site fabrication and more

We have spacious areas for initial consultations, patient education, and are happy to involve family and friends in all appointments. We have an excellent library of prosthetic and orthotic literature and we enjoy sharing these texts with you when appropriate. We also like to have a variety of sample devices on hand so that you can visualize what we are talking about. Our large gait laboratory simplifies gait assessment, and there are many windows, making the space feel open and welcoming. You can even watch our qualified technicians fabricate P&O devices through the main lab windows! We are also a wheelchair friendly facility with a fully accessible washroom.

On Site Lab

We have a full service laboratory on site and are able to fabricate all types of prosthetic and orthotic devices. This ranges from fabricating our foot orthoses on site to externally powered upper limb prosthetics to conventional (leather and metal) orthotic devices. We like to stay current in all aspects of prosthetic and orthotic treatment, so that you can stay home when you need treatment and avoid long trips to larger city centers.


Kids are always welcome to ask for the “toy basket” or a sticker when their appointment is complete and we try our best to be efficient with your time so that you can be efficient with yours. That means we don’t like to keep you waiting, and we avoid that as much as possible!

We are also happy to tour colleagues, as well as patients and their families through the facility when requested.


Tel 705-670-9990

Fax 705.670.9993