Common questions…

What are the sources of funding for these devices?

There are multiple sources of funding for prosthetics and orthotics.  Custom orthotics and prosthetics are eligible for billing through an Assistive Devices Program (ADP).  This program is run through our provincial government and it entitles you to a coverage of up to 75% of the total cost.  The remaining 25% is the responsibility of the patient.  Many patients have work/private insurance that will cover the client portion of the cost. Other sources of funding include Workers Compensation (WSIB), Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Indian Affairs, Ontario Disability, Ontario Works and War Amps of Canada.  These Funding Sources all entitle the patient to partial or full coverage of the prosthetic and or orthotic devices. 

Do I need a prescription from a physician?

Yes. Although we would be happy to provide an assessment of your orthotic or prosthetic needs, you need to obtain a prescription from either your family physician, nurse practitioner, physiatrist (PM&R specialist), or orthopedic surgeon before initiating your orthotic care.

In the case of prosthetics, you will need to go through an ADP authorized amputee clinic to obtain your prescription. If you are a new patient with us, we can arrange this clinic appointment for you. Please contact us for more details

I have been prescribed an orthotic or prosthetic device, how long will it take to obtain this device?

We will book you in to begin the process at your earliest convenience. Once we’ve taken the cast and measurements, we will have the device ready for fitting within 2 weeks. In some cases, the device is completed at this time and you need only return for follow-up care to ensure that the device is fitting comfortably and functioning as desired. In prosthetics, you may have 2 to 3 fittings (or more) before the device is complete, and of course follow-up care is routinely provided

I have just been interfaced with a new orthosis or prosthesis, what should I do now

The first thing to do is book a follow up before you leave the office (this is typically in two weeks time).  Once you leave the office adhere to the wearing instructions of your orthotist or prosthetist. 

Keep a close eye on your skin, and gradually get used to using the device.  Depending on your device and the reason for having your device, this adjustment period will be unique to you alone 

Should your skin be irritated, blistered, chafed, or should you have any concerns, feel free to contact our office to discuss your case with the orthotist or prosthetist.  The orthotist or prosthetist will decide if it is warranted for you to come in for an adjustment prior to your follow up appointment.

In the case of a prosthetic device, the follow up care is a little more intensive.  After the device is fit initially, you will have a trial period with the limb.  It is only when you are happy with its fit and function that you will come in to have it completed.

How often does Sudbury Prosthetic and Orthotic Design Ltd. service Sault-Ste-Marie?

Sudbury Prosthetic and Orthotic Design Ltd.  services Sault Ste Marie on a biweekly basis., and the prosthetic & orthotic treatment is provided at 262 Queen St. E, SSM.

Monthly – Pediatric clinics take place at the THRIVE Algoma, 74 Johnson St, SSM Monthly – Amputee clinics take place at the Sault Area Hospital, Great Northern Rd, SSM

Does Sudbury Prosthetic & Orthotic Design Ltd. fit C-legs or other MPKs?

Yes.  The prosthetist on staff at Sudbury Prosthetic and Orthotic Design Ltd. has experience with C-legs, Genium, X3, Rheo knee and Power knee.

Does Sudbury Prosthetic & Orthotic Design Ltd. fit children (pediatrics)?

Yes.  The prosthetist and orthotist have experience working with children and are looking forward to treating pediatric clients and working with their families.

Are the facilities of Sudbury Prosthetic & Orthotic Design Ltd. wheelchair accessible?

Yes.  They are accessible to all clientele that we provide our services to.

I live a great distance from either Sudbury or Sault-Ste-Marie, will Sudbury Prosthetic & Orthotic Design Ltd. expedite my fitting to save me valuable travel time?

Yes.  Sudbury Prosthetic and Orthotic Design Ltd.  will expedite your fitting to help save you time.  Due to the fact that we will be servicing a large population, it is in these cases that we will require extra planning.  We would appreciate a phone call in advance so that the orthotist or prosthetist can re-adjust their schedule to allow for this special case


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